Cut is one of the main criteria for measuring the value of a diamond . Expert jewelers therefore attach great importance to this reference. Rivluxe tells you more through this article.


Do not mistake yourself. The size referred to here does not refer to the size of the stone but the shape in which it is cut. There was a time when pruning was done exclusively by cleavage. The raw gem is divided into several fragments thanks to the notch dug by means of another diamond. Later, the technique of sawing appeared. Great patience, infinite dexterity and precision are required because the blade must make millions of back and forth movements to obtain a perfect size. Some say that Le Régent was carved out in more than a year. But currently, the sawing is done at 1mm per hour, on average.

The diamond cutter then proceeds to roughing, a step carried out diamond against diamond. One will be rid of its gangue, the other will obtain a new form. Faceting can then begin. It is not a question of sculpting the diamond to give it an exceptional shape but rather of passing it over a grinding wheel which polishes the facets.


Size qualifications or “cut grade” are listed on the gemological certificates . Here's how to tell if you're interested in a well-proportioned gem:

-EX: Excellent
-VG: Very Good (very good)
-G: Good (good)
-F: Fair (medium)
-P: Poor (bad)

For truly exceptional and therefore extremely rare sizes, the laboratories use the qualification “Idel” (Ideal) or “Hearts & Arrows/H&A” (hearts and arrows).


The brilliant round is the most popular since it is the classic cut par excellence. It has 57 facets, including the table (flat part on top of the stone).

Other sizes are called “fancy” and are generally less expensive. We can cite the pear (also called tear or drop of water). The marquise is quite similar to the pear, except that it sports spikes at both ends. Then comes the heart and its 59 facets. The oval is considered classic and modern at the same time, taking on a very feminine elegance. The emerald cut relies more on the transparency of the diamond which has been given a rectangular shape. The princess diamond , as on a ring for example, is rectangular or square, with 76 facets in most cases. Cushion cut refers to a square or rectangular shape with carefully rounded edges and large facets that ensure optimal shine. The radiant cut is its opposite since here, the edges are sharp.

The cutting of a diamond requires special know-how. Its quality is therefore measured by the shapes but also by the proportions, in particular between the length and the width of the gem.

August 31, 2022
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